KG Consultants works with law enforcement, military, and other organizations seeking improved capabilities, organization and leadership.  This is achieved through a range of options including training, direct embedded support, and advice on organizational methodology and structure.  

James Lechner has served in numerous military command and staff positions leading and developing organizations, planning and executing initiatives that cut across the spectrum of strategic approaches to ground level tactical operations.  These include not only combat operations during nine deployments with the US military, but also the development and implementation of national policy at the strategic level.  Additionally, he has led large and small organizations in the accomplishment of tasks ranging from precision special military operations to responsibility in a mayor-like role for large installations, as well as the development of  municipal governance, security and life support infrastructure (hospitals, schools, transportation) for large third world cities.  


​KG Consultants provides a variety of training options ranging from comprehensive instruction on the conduct of security, intelligence and counter insurgency operations, leadership development, how to increase organizational effectiveness, as well as  tactical and self defense training. ​​

James Lechner frequently serves as a keynote speaker for various organizations, corporations, and functions, drawing upon unique perspectives and experiences gained in a variety of combat operations over the past 20 years, and overlayed upon formal studies in military history. ​​


  We actively support our wounded heroes and families of our fallen comrades through the New York Warrior Alliance, the Military Order of the Purple Heart and selected charities.  Please support our troops and their families.

NY Warrior Alliance:   www.facebook.com/owwnywarrioralliance​​



With NYWA and Gary Sinese at the 2014 NASCAR Daytona 500