​James Lechner makes frequent media appearances and has been featured in numerous books and articles

  Media appearances


  • The Neil Cavuto Show, FOX NEWS

  • ​​​​​​​​​​CBS Radio with Cami McCormick, Ramadi, Iraq 2007

  • Regular contributor to the Martha Zoller Radio Show Gainesville, Georgia

  • BlackHawk Down - Mark Bowden, TF RANGER in Mogadishu, Somalia 1993              
  • A Chance in Hell - Jim Michaels​,  Counter insurgency campaign in Ramadi, Iraq 2006-07
  • A Soldiers Dream -  Bill Doyle, Ramadi Iraq 2006-07
  • Hunting in the Shadows - Seth Jones,  History of the US fight against Al Qeada

  • When Officers Aren't Gentlemen - Mark Bowden The Washington Post September, 2005​

Written by James Lechner​​​

  • ​​OPED Rochester, Democrat and Chronicle November 2002
  • ABC-CLIO Tribal Organization and Islamic Religion 2006
  • Philosophers of War;  Counter Insurgency; Profile of Major General  H.R. McMaste​​rs 2013

Recent Interviews and Articles:

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