​James Lechner frequently serves as a keynote speaker for various organizations, from major corporations to veterans groups.  His odyssey as an American soldier began during the final stages of the Cold War, and brought him thru some of the most famous actions of the US military in the past two decades to include: TF RANGER in Somalia, the Anbar Awakening and "Surge" in Iraq, and the final years and "fighting seasons" of the war in Afghanistan.  He provides these presentations from both the perspective of an on-the-ground participant, as well as analysis as a professional officer and formal student of military history.


  Our generation has risen to the challenge of an assault upon our nation and way of life.  The story of these brave American warriors rises to that of any previous generation.  The numerous examples of heroism, dedication and noble sacrifice serve both to inspire the American people and illuminate the necessity for us to support both our troops, Families of the Fallen and Wounded Warriors who have given so much.  These heroes of our generation exemplify the ideals of our nation.​​

Presentation Subjects:

  • Leadership and Building Better Organizations.  Based upon thirty years of military experience and studies of successful civilian examples.

  • Experience of an Army Ranger with Task Force RANGER in Mogadishu, Somalia 1993.  Made famous in the book and movie "BlackHawk Down".


  • The war in Iraq, between 2004 and 2007, to include leading an elite Iraqi Army infantry battalion in combat; serving as  one of the key leaders of the US Army brigade which retook the city of Ramadi in Anbar Province while becoming one of the principal architects of the Anbar Awakening with Sheik Sittar Albu Reisha which helped to bring about victory in the war in Iraq.  Made famous in numerous books to include A Chance in Hell,  A Soldiers Dream, The Sheriff of Ramadi, and Hunting in the Shadows

  • The war in Afghanistan, 2009 to present, to include experiences laying the ground work for key initiatives under General Stan McCrystal's COIN strategy, as well as discussions of the key components of the campaign and the way ahead, based upon tours with special operations forces, and later serving as one of the principal counter insurgency advisors to General McCrystal's successor, General John Allen, the commander of the overall military effort.​​

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Recent Events

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August 19th - 1st Baptist Church Columbia​​ Mens Ministry:
TF RANGER/Blackhawk Down 

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Feb 28th​​​​ - Richland County Sheriff Department:
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